A live - action zombie experience

Zombie Outbreak Orlando is temporarily closed for renovations. Please check back often for updates on reopening!

What is Zombie Outbreak?

Zombie Outbreak is an interactive, live action experience. You and your team will be loaded with realistic weapons. You will start with full training on how to use your weapon and how the zombies will react. You will then be escorted beyond the safety barricade to start you zombie hunting experience.

What are your prices?

First game: $24.95 per person +Applicable taxes and fees

(This includes One gameplay with the standard 150 ammunition package)

Play again: $12.95 per person +applicable taxes and fees

Why should I play again?

The second time through is a more intense run through. You will be escorted into the facilty and left to navigate without a guide. This game is much quicker, but great for adrenaline seekers!

When is Zombie Outbreak Open?

Monday:              CLOSED
Tuesday:            CLOSED

Wednesday:   CLOSED
Thursday:        DESOLC

Friday:              CLOSED

Saturday:      CLOSED

Sunday          CLOSED


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Real-life Replicas

Pull the trigger for bang, recoil and muzzle flash.

Clear the Undead

Travel through an apocalyptic military base overrun with zombies!

Bragging Rights

Zombies wear cutting-edge targets to produce statistics of your zombie kills.

Zombie Outbreak Orlando

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